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This project was a multilateral exchange “Green Steps among Different cultures”. Participating countries were Austria, Denmark, Hungary and Finland. In the exchange participates 25 youngster and 5 leader. Youngsters aged were between 13 to 18 years. The exchange was organized in Haapajärvi 12. - 19.7.2010.

The main themes of this project were to increase the ecological awareness, to present country standards of recycling, to discuss new ways of green energy and to familiarise oneself with different languages and thereby enhance intercultural understanding and European consciousness. This project created space in which the participants could reflect about the prevention of climate changes and how they could make a difference in their everyday life.

Our working methods were different kind of workshops, visiting places, presentations, event, demonstrations, discussion and games.

During the exchange each country presents its own standards of recycling and new ways to product green energy, we built a machine which create energy in ecological way (wind power) and we also built walking vehicles and have a peaceful demonstration with those, we have energy rich and energy poor days and we compared those days ecological footsteps, we organize children summer street event where was different kind of action points for example toy recycling, street art, face painting and outdoor games, we visited second hand shop, native region museum, church, city hall, library, baseball game, Kalajoki sea beach and art gallery, row a church boat, played each country traditional outdoor games, made jewellery from recycling materials and have evenings where every country introduced their traditions, culture, food, music, games and habits.